Q: What are the size of Burger Bite's burgers?

A: Although the name Burger Bite may reference "bite size", these burgers are much more than a biteful! Our beef burgers are 6 oz., Turkey Burgers 7 oz., and Veggie Burgers 5.5 oz.

Q: What type of beef does Burger Bite serve?

A: All Natural, 100% Prime Black Angus Beef. No fillers or added preservatives. Our burgers are the real deal!

Q: Are your beef burgers frozen?

A: Absolutely not! Burger Bite ensures our beef is delivered twice daily, directly from our butcher. We hand press each burger to ensure you're getting nothing but the best.

Q: Is your meat safe to consume medium rare or rare?

A: Yes.* Our high quality meat is premium and delivered fresh to our establishment daily.
*consuming raw or under cooked meat may increase the risk of food borne related illnesses.

Q: What type of oil is used for frying?

A: Canola Oil

Q: Are there any alternatives to meat?

A: Veggie Burgers are a great substitute and you can build them to your own liking. Grilled cheese is always a good pick as well!

Q: What type of buns do you use?

A: We serve our bites on seedless, soft Kaiser Buns. They are also available in Whole Wheat.

Q: Do you also carry Gluten Free Buns?

A: Yes. We understand many customers cannot have gluten so we got these buns just for you! Gluten Free buns are available upon request.

Q: Do you offer combos?

A: All of our menu items are Ala cart. Although the price of a burger and side does equivalent to a good combo price!

Q: Does Burger Bite deliver?

A: We do not believe in delivering our product to preserve its quality. We ask that you call ahead or text in your order for speedy pick up.

Q: Does Burger Bite accommodate large orders?

A: Yes, we accommodate large orders upon request. Orders over $60 request a credit card number for deposit.

Q: Does Burger Bite cater?

A. Yes, click on our Catering tab within our food menu for more details.  For your convenience, these orders are provided in Sterno ready trays to accommodate your party. We ask that you call in your order at least 4 business days in advance. Pick up only, no deliveries.

Q: Can I purchase a gift card?

A: Yes and they are a great gift idea for any occasion! Be sure to come in and pick one up at any valued denomination.

Q: Are there any other locations?

A: Not currently but more to come! Stay tuned.

Q: Are there any franchise opportunities?

A: Burger Bite is privately owned. Please contact burgerbite616@gmail.com for more information or send us a message by clicking on our Question / Comments page.