The patties are juicier than most and perfectly seasoned
- Great Neck Record
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“Long Island Burgers: The Best, The Rest And The Worst” - Long Island Weekly

By Steve Mosco


There’s no better place to start than the best. Franklin Square’s Burger Bite nabs the top spot on my list because it over-delivers on quality and flavor, while also maintaining a less-than-average grease factor. The patties are juicer than most and perfectly seasoned and unlike most other fast-casual joints, they ask how you want your burger cooked—though ordering it medium rare comes with a warning about under cooked meat.

Burger Bite also boasts a larger-than-average patty and biting into the double requires a slightly unhinged jaw—a true mark of greatness for burger gluttons. As for the bun, it was beautifully soft and though it was not a potato bun (my personal favorite), it held up against the burger juice where a lesser bun would have surely disintegrated.

Moving on to the fries and shake, Burger Bites French fries were golden, crispy, salty and did not to go limp when held horizontally—fry perfection. The vanilla shake meanwhile was thick and offered the perfect soothing balm for the top-heavy burger flavors. 

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West Hempstead, NY – Local business, Burger Bite, invites friends & families to visit this Spooky themed restaurant and to enjoy a tasty bite this Halloween season. Burger Bite will be handing out delicious candy treats to all Trick-or-Treaters on Monday, 10/26 through Saturday, 10/31.

Trick-or-Treaters are invited to hang out with the living dead. You’ll find witches, skeletons, creepy crawlers, and much more!

“We are a family owned business and enjoy the Halloween spirit!” says the owner of Burger Bite. “While we decorate the store for most holidays, we decided to go above and beyond this year to make it a special treat for the kids in our neighborhood.” Be sure to visit Burger Bite in December as well to see their winter spectacular.                       

Burger Bite opened in July 2009 with a mission to recreate your backyard burger- only better. Each burger is cooked-to-order on a charbroiler for that true barbecue taste. 

Top 10 Best Burger Joints on Long Island!
— LI Pulse Magazine

Burger Bite showcases their delicious, signature Titan Bite!

By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera It's finger-licking fun as Long Island Pulse Magazine hosts a battle for the best burger on Long Island.


Long Islanders choose the Top Ten Best Burger Joints! Burger Bite participated in the Battle of the Burger Competition alongside nine other burger restaurants. We featured our famous Titan Bite and provided over 500 burgers to all of the burger lovers who joined this event! 


This handsome, brand new burger bar, which opened on the Fourth of July, is a local entry in the better burger movement. They start you with a basic six-ounce grilled patty and let you “build your own bite” with cheeses and premium toppings like bacon or sautéed mushrooms or sliced avocado (50 cents each). Or, let them build you a BCLT or a Cowboy Bite with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, provolone and BBQ sauce. Burgers can be ordered medium/medium-well/well. My basic burger ordered medium was cooked closer to well but still juicy. It came on a soft Kaiser roll already loaded with lettuce, tomato, pickle and dressed with ketchup and mayo. It’s a great, very satisfying burger and so are the three Black Angus Mini Bites sliders with American cheese. But I’d rather have a plainer roll or potato roll than the sweet buns they sit on. Fries are double fried and better than average.

It’s a great, very satisfying burger.
— Long Island Press
Home of the Big Mash Bite
— Newsday


Burger scene: This may look like an ordinary counter service spot, but the gelato case says it's not your daddy's burger joint. 
For those who like it simple, there's the Classic, topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and ketchup. I was able to get it medium-rare and thought it good and juicy, although surpassed by the turkey burger, which was done B.C.L.T. Bite style - with bacon, Cheddar, lettuce and tomato. This is the home of the Big Mash Bite, topped with - yikes - house-made mashed potatoes. Any burger may be customized with free toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos and onions); cheese costs extra, as do "premium" items such as caramelized onions, bacon and house roasted peppers.