It began with just one bite.


Burger Bite was established in June 2009 with a mission to recreate your backyard burger- yet better. We provide the most delicious burger and homey dining experience from our yard to yours. Our burgers are cooked on a charbroil grill for that true barbecue taste.

We take pride in serving our customers 100% all natural, Prime Angus 6 oz. Beef Burgers, White Meat Turkey Burgers, and wholesome Veggie Burgers. Our beef burgers are always fresh, delivered daily from our butcher, and hand pressed to provide you with the high quality food you deserve and of course, the perfect bite.

From our mouthwatering burgers to our flavorful grilled chicken- everything is cooked to order. Burger Lovers can enjoy their burgers just the way they like it, whether it's well done, medium well, medium or medium rare. Whoa- but it doesn't stop there! Our large array of menu items will have everyone satisfied.  

Burger Bite believes choices are important and you should decide on what makes your burger perfect. You have the option to Build Your Own Bite, by selecting from different cheese options, free toppings, premium toppings and your favorite dipper. We do our part by using the finest ingredients, freshest produce, and high quality meat. If that doesn't do the trick, choose from our recommended Signature Bites we think you'll love. 

We promise to have you begging for another Bite!

Always fresh, our 6 oz. all natural, Prime Angus beef is cooked to order from our yard to yours.
— Founder